Become a endorsed federation

POSA is the only international pole sport organization in the world with WADA compliant anti-doping program. Our goal is to ensure recognition of pole as a sport and support the growth of the sport. To achieve this goal we have created one of the worlds most equal and objective scoring system in Pole Sport and offer high quality judge training for all our national federations. Would your federation or country like to part of this progress?


POSA will fully support all joining federations and provide help to achieve these requirements.

Requirements :

  • Select contact person, who is also going to be in the POSA federation committee.
  • National Federation must be a non-profit organization, other types of organizations can join as partners
  • Publish a website with a logo and your federations contact info.
  • After your application has been accepted, application fee (150 euros) must be paid before official recognition.

You can email POSA at at any time during the process, if you have questions, concerns or need help setting up. We are here for you!

The benefits to your organisation as an POSA National Federation:

  • Your organisation will be the only one allowed to represent your country as national federation. 
  • Becoming part WADA/WHEA anti-doping program makes your national federation eligible for NOC (National Olympic Committee) recognition and may lead to funding and exposure.
  • Your national championship and athletes will be part of accredited competition track the the Pole Sport & Pole Art Worlds.
  • Access to our training programs and ability to train your own national judges.
  • Support of the large internationally recognized Pole Sport federation and the community around the federation.  

Please contact us for more information on how to become endorsed National Federation! You can email us at or complete the membership application online.