Important documents

POSA competitions are ruled and judged based on our extensive Code of Points.

Code of Points

POSA-Sport-Code-of-Points-2019-v1 (v. 2019/1)

Older versions of the COP:
POSA-Sport-Code-of-Points-2018 (v. 2018/2)

Submit new element
Classification of new difficulty elements can only be made by POSA Pole Sport Technical Committee.
Applications must be sent to the POSA Secretary by email

Difficulty elements submitted for evaluation must:
– have written description
– be filmed from two camera angles (from the front and the side)

Accepted elements will be added to the next version of code of points and the videos will be uploaded to
POSA Video Archive.

Pole Sport Worlds 2018

Difficulty Sheet: Country_LAST Name_First Name_Category
POSA Workplan_WC 2018 – USA
POSA MUSIC FORM 2018 – Please Fill Out


POSA EM 2017 Saturday Finals
POSA EM 2017 Senior Women Quolifications
POSA EM 2017 Sunday Finals

POSA Worlds 2017 FINALS

\”Pole Sport Winter Cup\” 2018 – Castelletto Ticino (Italy)


Pole Sport World Championship 2018- Fort Lauderdale (USA)

World Games 2019  Result