Featured POSA Pole Sports World Championships 2018

Pole Art Canada 2019

From March 30, 2019 to March 30, 2019 - National Competition

More info coming soon.


From April 13, 2019 to April 14, 2019 - International Competition

World Pole Art Championship 2019, 13-14 of April, Novosibirsk (Russia)

POSA is very pleased to begin the official collaboration with the Russian Sports Choreography Federation (RSCF), with the organization of the prestigious World Pole Art Championship 2019.

This competition will take place in Novosibirsk, in the heart of Siberia, and will be attended by athletes from all over the world, who have qualified through the Official POSA Pole Arts around the world.

Here is the list of qualified athletes (This list will be updated every time there will be new qualified, so it is not final until the last POSA Pole Art qualifying):

Senior Women:

  • Marie Moulin (FRA)
  • Lydia Roess (FRA)
  • Audrey Lebrun (FRA)
  • Djannatie Mdaouhoma (FRA)
  • Benedict Rinaldi (FRA)
  • Camille De Haas (BEL)
  • Hannah Rose Kaynes (UK)
  • Valentina Melgarejo (CHI)
  • Ivonne Herrera (CHI)
  • Rode Mellado (CHI)
  • Laura Borgognoni (ITA)
  • Bianca Breschi (ITA) (Wild Card)
  • Alice Lombardo (ITA)
  • Lidya Kollia Stavroula (GRE)
  • Olga Biserova (EST)
  • Veronika Gromkova (RUS)
  • Hila Assidim (ISR)
  • Yang a young (KOR)
  • Chol Jae Kyu (KOR)
  • Song Ryun Jin (KOR)
  • Ariane Van Der Vegte (NED)
  • Bianca Bernasconi (ITA)
  • Blanca Sanchez Crespo (SPA)
  • Anastasia Bulgakova (UKR)
  • Polina Litvinenko (UKR)
  • Kristina Matasova (UKR)
  • Polina Sirotina (CZE)
  • Barbora Orságová (CZE)
  • Michaela Páťalová (CZE)
  • Rafaela Montanaro (USA) (Wild Card)
  • Marina Yamaguchi (JAP) (Wild Card)
  • Anna Maija Nyman (SWE) (Wild Card)

Master + 40 Women:

  • Lauriane Fourcade (FRA)
  • Annabelle Martin (FRA)
  • Emilie Baco (FRA)
  • Sonia Valerio (ITA)
  • Samantha Fabbrini (ITA) (Wild Card)
  • Midori Seiki (JAP)
  • Eva Rajlicahova (CZE)
  • Liuda Moskovtseva (ISR)
  • Marcia Zaykovsky (ISR)
  • Anna Emde (ISR)

Master +40 Men:

  • Issey Yamazaki (JAP)
  • Roman Gemrot (CZE)
  • Didier Benac (FRA)

Master +50 Women:

  • Alena Maroušková (CZE)
  • Patricia Harriet (FRA)

Doubles Senior:

  • Nikonova Svetlana/Abramova Ekaterina (RUS)
  • Kamila Cyniak/Patryk Duda (POL)
  • Diana Lopez/Henrietta Horvath (HUN)
  • Nikol Vítečková/Alena Klapetková (CZE)
  • Pavlina Klepetková/Aneta Prokopcová (CZE)
  • Veronika Růžičková/Simona Nováková Tietzová (CZE)
  • Dmitry Fedotov/Sergey Dyshlovoy (UKR) (Wild Card)
  • Vagis Olena/Petrenko Oksana (UKR)
  • Cheryl Teagann/Julien Rousell (UK)
  • Elisenda Gomez/Xavier Estragues (SPA)
  • Filiph Isculpi/Alba Molina (SPA)
  • Strike a Pose Double (GRE)
  • Veronika Gromkova/Jose Rodrigues (ISR)
  • Daniel Chernyak/Vita Tyutikova (ISR)
  • Mélanie Godard/Virginie Farrugia (FRA)
  • Marion Caranobe/Aurélie Trochard (FRA)
  • Mégane Chevreux/Marie Guiguemdé (FRA)

Senior Men:

  • Pavel Kolář (CZE)
  • Jonáš Priškin (CZE)
  • Tomáš Kislinger (CZE)
  • Sebastiano Secchiaroli (ITA)
  • Marko Daza (ITA)
  • Moris Ciccone (ITA) (Wild Card)
  • Carlos França (BRA) (Wild Card)
  • Ke Hong (CHINA) (Wild Card)
  • Ilya Medved (RUS)
  • Eric Galamba (UKR)
  • Artem Kazymov (UKR)
  • Dmitry Moskalenko (UKR)
  • Dmitry Fedotov (UKR) (Wild Card)
  • Christian Baroni (DEN)
  • Alexander Shender (ISR)
  • Vincent Grobelny (FRA)
  • Ludovic Alverhne (FRA)
  • Frédéric Giroudot (FRA)
  • Roussel Julien Marc (UK)
  • Silvio Ghiglione (UK)
  • Sotillo Vagnoni Daniel (SPA)
  • Filiph Isculpi (SPA)

Junior A (10-14):

  • Dominika Kuráková (CZE)
  • Adela Kubišová (CZE)
  • Monika Kopřivová (CZE)
  • Dynak Julia (POL)
  • Haczkiewicz Wiktoria (POL)
  • Kanellopoulou Lydia (GRE)
  • Marie Chantepy (FRA)
  • Paloma Bourmaud (FRA)
  • Angie Pannunzio (FRA)
  • Victoria Demchenko (UKR)
  • Polina Knyazeva (UKR)
  • Polina Pavlenko (UKR)

Junior B (15-17):

  • Andrea Hubičková (CZE)
  • Laura Azzolina (CZE)
  • Natalie Zelená (CZE)
  • Annika Winkler (GER)
  • Nadia Farré (SPA)
  • Romane Moscaritolo (SWI)
  • Anais Maillat (SWI)
  • Rousta Stella (GRE)
  • Beatrice Cogo (ITA) (Wild Card)
  • Sofia Novelli (ITA) (Wild Card)
  • Magalie Yu Kui (FRA)
  • Violaine Serié (FRA)

Junior Doubles Mix:

  • Adela Kapalová/Justyna Sekerešová (CZE)

Competition informations:

13-14 of April 2019
Russia, Novosibirskaya oblast, Berdsk, ul. Lineynaya 3v, Sport Hall «Vega»
(Россия, Новосибирская область, г. Бердск, ул. Линейная 3в, СК «Вега»)
13.04.19 – Registration & stage training (Sport Hall)
14.04.19 – POSA Pole Art World Championship 2019 (Sport Hall)
The full schedule of stage training and performances will be published before 25.03.18
Russian Sport Choreography Federation (RSHF)
What’s App:
+7(913)3797224 – Veronika Pavlova;
+7(903)9997021 – Darina Liushchenko.

How to participate (only if you are qualified by POSA Pole Art or you’ve got an official “Wild Card”):
1) Fill the Application form electronically. Print it, sign it or use your electronical signature, create PDF. Send the application form to polesport_russia@mail.ru. Deadline: 14.03.19
2) Wait for the reply
3) Pay the competition fee according to your category and photos (if necessary)
– Message for recipient: name, surname
4) Send payment to polesport_russia@mail.ru. Deadline: 14.03.19
5) Send your music in MP3 to polesport_russia@mail.ru. Deadline: 29.03.19

Competition fee. Table 1
Seniors 70€  Juniors 50€  Doubles 120€ (for 2 athletes)

Photos & video from championship
Video is free.
Individual photos 35 € for athlete.
If you want to get the photos, please mark it in the application form.
Photos must be paid with competition fee before 14.03.19.

Application & Hotel Reservation:

PPAWC2019 – Application form PPAWC2019 – Hotel reservation PPAWC2019 – information

Official POSA Pole Art Rules:


For any others informations or questions, please write to contact@posaworld.org


POSA European Championship and Cup 2019 6-8 of May 2019

From May 6, 2019 to May 8, 2019 - International Competition

POSA European Championship and Cup 2019 6-8 of May 2019

Pole Sport, Silk, Hoop


  1. Organizer. City. Venue

Russian Sport Choreography Federation (RSHF)

Deadline: Apr 30
Country: Russian Federation
City: Moscow
Street: 7/1, 5-iy Luchevoy prosek, Moscow 107014, Russia

Hall: Exhibition and Congress Centre “Sokolniki”


The event will be in the pavilions 4.1 see the annex
Organizer Name: Andrej Kokoulin
GSM:           +7- 925-772-60-51

E-mail: ru.sport@mail.ru

  1. Schedule

6-7.05.19 – European POSA Cup Pole Sport

7-8.05.19 – European POSA Championships (Silk and Hoop)

The final schedule will be published before 1 of May

  • Check In

1) Checking in till 25.04.19 on the https://posa.mgnovenie.ru/

2) Pay the competition fee according to your category to the bank account (see below)

3) Send the confirmation to ru.sport@list.ru

  1. Competition fee

 Seniors 70 €

Juniors 50 €

Doubles 120 € (for 2 athletes)

  1. Hotels

 Check special offers

There are five HOTELS for our guests started from 20 euro per night

Please contact evm2019@mail.ru Elena Makarova

  1. Transfer (Meeting)

 On your prior request a meeting and bus conveyance from and to airports and railway stations will be organized. Costs of conveyance to hotels depending upon distance and number of people (for group 20 – 30  Euro):

Deadline for applications for transfer is the 27 of April, 0.00 a.m.

Please contact evm2019@mail.ru Elena Makarova

  • Food
  • In the hotel: breakfast. There is a café and a restaurant in and around it.
  • In the venue: hot dinners on a prior request till 27 of April, 0.00 a.m. Dinner & lunch cost: – 7 Euro.


  • Music mediums

Only! Flash is acceptable. To make sure it’s better to carry the second copies.

A participant or his representative must provide a sound producer with a music medium in time (in advance). A name of a performer, his number, name of a composition, and track must be written plainly on\with the medium.


  1. Entrance tickets

 Cost of an entrance ticket is 15 Euro (1000 Rub)

  1. Video filming and author’s rights

According to the ‘Law about an Author’s Right’, rights for video filming and duplication belong to OLYMPIAD organizers. Convention participants transfer a right to video filming to the organizers gratis.


  1. Safety and security of personal things

Championship organizers are not responsible for the safety of personal things and valuables of the event participants and guests.  Be attentive and watchful while leaving valuables unattended!


  • Certifications

Championship participants which are not in the 1-3 places will be given memorable diplomas.


  • Insurance and medical aid

Each participant will be offered to insure himself against accidents for the time of the event by the insurance company-partner of the Convention.

During all event effective medical aid is provided.


  • Rewarding

Winners in the solo and duet nominations are rewarded with medals and diplomas, in the group’s nominations – with cups and diplomas. Finalists are rewarded with diplomas and badges.

 Annex 1 The map and the venue location

Annex 2 Bank account information

 Russian Sport Choreography Federation

143900 Moscow region, Balashikha, Prospekt Lenina, d. 23/5, room XIII, lit. And RUSSIAN FEDERATION








POSA Pole Sport World Championships 2019

From November 29, 2019 to December 1, 2019 - International Competition

The 2019 POSA Pole Sport World Championships will be in Hämeenlinna, Finland on December. More informations coming soon!


Since year 2018 all athletes must sign anti-doping contract not later than 3 months before entering the international competitions

From year 2019 this process will be applied to all POSA competitions including national level and amateur categories. 

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