Our training programs establish the standards for our judging panel. The POSA World Federation needs to ensure that judges fully understand the rules and requirements of the Code of Points along with the Ethic Standards of the POSA, as it is crucial to the success of each of our athletes and their partnering federations. The judges course offers an introduction to the skills a pole sport judge will use during any federation competition. This course includes general information on competition rules, regulations, and common movements. Once the modules have been reviewed each aspiring judge will test his or her skills on a final examination. These skills should be reviewed and practiced regularly. After attending a personal training class, POSA will provide constructive, educational, and informed feedback to each participant.

The judges training course includes:

The Code of Points
A. General Purpose
B. Judges
C. Superior Jury

A. Number of categories
B. Number of competitors

Participation Criteria
A. General rights
B. Age
C. Nationality

Routine Composition Contents 
A. Length
B. Music

Difficulty Elements

Element Pool & Values 
A. Structure
B. New difficulty elements
C. Minimum requirements

Guide to Judging Artistic

Guide to Judging Execution and Difficulty