15th-17th December, Liechtenstein

5 Continents. 50 Countries. 200 Athletes. Vaduzer Saal, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

A “par excellence” artistic discipline

“Pole Sport is a sport that combines dance and artistic gymnastics, and is suitable for anyone: women, men, children with no limits of age. It is based on the performance of acrobatic routines on a vertical pole. Pole Sport practice develops strength, agility, coordination, flexibility and resistance as well as concentration, gracefulness and expressivity. Both in floor work and on the pole, Pole Sport is not only a sport, it also communicates both the feelings and the temper of the athlete.”
Dance, gymnastics, acrobatics: Pole Sport offers an exciting show during which athletes will challenge their limits as well as gravity laws to vault in the air until the world title is assigned. The venue has 700 seats and VIP lounge and the event will be also streamed all over the world for more than 1 million fans to enjoy it. Don’t miss the event!



Saturday, 16th of december 2017
9.00 am door opening
9.45 am opening ceremony
from 10.30 am Qualifications category Juniors and Seniors
announcement of all finalists after last performance

Sunday, 17th of december 2017
9.00 am door opening
9.45 am finals Juniors
2.15 pm finals Seniors, Masters und Parapole
7.30 pm medal ceremonies and announcements of World Champions in all categories
8.00 pm After Party