POSA World Federation (POSA) is a no-profit organisation dedicated to ensure recognition of pole dance as a sport and support the growth of the athletic and artistic side of the sport.

Pole Sport Worlds & Pole Art Worlds

POSA hosts annual international championships to both pole sport and pole art. Pole Art Worlds Championship (PPAWC) is held every March and Pole Sport Worlds Championship (PPSWC) in December.

POSA has developed one of the worlds most equal and objective scoring system in Pole Sport and offers high quality judge training for all national federations working under it.

Olena Minina - POSA World Champion 2022

Latest news

These weeks, the POSA Pole Sport’s Technical Committee approved thirty-six new elements to be named for the athletes who performed them and will be published in the Pole-Sport-2023.pdf
Workplan & Registration form for the The World Pole Art Championship 2022 are ready!
the deadline for the anti-doping programme of World Championship 2022 is 10 september