Pole Sports and Arts World Federation (POSA) is in partnership with World Heavy Events Association (WHEA) concerning anti-doping work and via the partnership starting from 1st, January 2018 the athletes competing in International POSA events must become WHEA members with signed anti-doping contract latest on 3 months prior the first competition.

The membership and anti-doping contract connect the athlete to the following rules:

World Anti-Doping Agency´s CODE (WADA)

Athletes National Anti-doping rules published by NADO´s.

WHEA anti-doping program and rules mentioned in it.

WHEA discipline rules.

Via the membership and contract the athlete is committed to obey the rules mentioned above and in the contract and the contract is valid on-going until it is terminated in written, so the contract needs to be signed only once (unless major international changes in the rules, which might cause re-writing needs). So, then the athlete keeps his/her membership valid by paying the yearly membership fee.

By signing the anti-doping contract, the athlete give permission to be doping tested where ever, when ever without pre-notice by the wade-officials in each country. Doping-testing might be done on and off competitions.

Here are the prohibited substances list for 2018:


The procedures

The athlete signs in to WHEA by paying the yearly membership (“athlete licence”, 30 eur/year) and signing the anti-doping contract electronically.

System update. More info coming soon.