Dear members of the Italian Pole Community,

We wish to address the relationship between the two major international federations, our national representatives, and the newly established FIDESM (Italian Federation of Dance and Musical Sports). FIDESM has replaced FIDS (Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva) and holds recognition from CONI (Italian Olympic National Committee).

FIDESM recently sought recognition as the sole federation representing Pole & Aerial Sport within Italy. However, following consultations between the two mentioned International Federations and their respective national representatives, a unanimous decision was reached: FIDESM will not be recognized as the official Italian National Federation for Pole & Aerial Sport.

The reasons behind this decision are multifaceted and are outlined below:

  • Lack of Consensus“: Despite FIDESM’s application, there was no consensusamong the international bodies regarding its status.
  • Existing Agreements“: The established relationship between the existing federations (POSA & IPSF) and their Italian counterparts remains unchanged.
  • Verification“: All claims made by FIDESM were cross-referenced with writtencommunication between the federations, leaving no room for doubt.

We appreciate your understanding and remain committed to fostering transparency within our community.

Here are the motivations explained in detail:

  1. FIDESM’s Lack of Clarity on Committee Questions: FIDESM failed to provide clear answers to specific questions posed by our national representatives regarding the future of the committee they were meant to establish.
  2. Unprofessional Behaviour by a FIDESM Committee Member: One of the FIDESM Committee members, already known to both parties and not in good standing with either of the Pole Sports Federations, unilaterally declared themselves as a ‘national representative’ in writing to one of the two international federations. This action was taken without any legitimate authority and without awareness of both the national and international federations.
  3. Lack of Transparency in FIDESM’s Communication: FIDESM misrepresented the level of communication they had with both federations and falsely insinuated in one instance that one of the International Federations had already accepted them as a member. The continuous disinformation and subterfuge were engaged in in order to ensure recognition from at least one of the two International Federations.
  4. Appointment of an Unrelated National Coordinator: FIDESM appointed a national coordinator who has no affiliation with either of the national federations (IPSF/POSA). This decision was made without seeking input from either of the aforementioned committees.
  5. Concerns Regarding the ‘Pole Exotic’ Category in the FIDESM Statute: In the initial draft of the FIDESM statute, the inclusion of the ‘Pole Exotic’ category raised significant concerns. This category contradicted the sporting principles upheld by the two major international federations. Specifically, ‘Pole Exotic’ does not align with our sporting policy, which aims to avoid any ambiguity arising from the combination of heels and pole. Furthermore, ethical guidelines set forth by SportAccord and other bodies have consistently emphasized that this section of Pole Dance lacks alignment with sporting ethics-a fundamental criterion for international recognition. It’s worth noting that, following our report, this point was amended, and it no longer exists in the current statute.
  6. Inadequacies in Article 1 of the Proposed Federal Statute: Article 1, paragraphs 5 and 7 of the proposed Federal Statute, approved during the Extraordinary General Meeting on February 24, 2024 (subsequently subject to partial changes), warrant attention. These paragraphs inadequately address other disciplines regulated by different National Federations. These points are pivotal within the Statute. If not clearly revised, they may lead to both national and international tensions—like the historical scenario between Cheerleading and Dance. Such tensions caused considerable inconvenience and friction for both international federations, stemming from an Italian national statutory issue.

Regarding FIDESM Recognition and Italian Athletes in International Competitions

For the reasons outlined above, both POSA and IPSF (by mutual agreement) have withheld recognition of FIDESM as a representative body in Italy. Our stance is rooted in the belief that the tireless work and dedication of our national representative committees are unparalleled and beyond reproach.This commitment cannot be compromised or bartered for recognition from the National Olympic Committee, only to end up in the hands of individuals with no prior involvement in the world of Pole and Aerial Sport. Such an outcome would unjustly appropriate years of hard work by our National Federations.

Therefore, we emphasize that Italian athletes seeking to participate in international competitions under the auspices of POSA and/or the IPSF must compete in events officially recognized by these two major International Federations. Specifically:

  • For POSA, FISAC/AICS-sanctioned events serve as the valid pathway;
  • For the IPSF, participation in PoleSport Italia/Libertas competitions is essential.

It is crucial to note that the Italian FIDESM championship lacks recognition from either POSA or the IPSF, rendering it ineligible for qualification in any POSA and/or IPSF international competitions.

For any further queries with regards to this matter, please feel free to reach out to the respective National Federations for either POSA or the IPSF.