The board of World Heavy Events Association (later mentioned as WHEA) made a decision that Italian pole sport athlete Chiara Paoloni has commit a doping violation.

Paoloni´s doping test in POSA Pole Sport Italian Championships, 25th, September 2021 had positive result for the following, prohibited substance in the a-sample:

Clostebol metabolite (4-chloro-3a-hydroxy-androst-4-en-17-one)

Based on the explanation by the athlete, the reason of the finding was a medicine named ”Trofodermin””, which Paoloni was using for skin problems 4 to 5 days before the competition.

Having reviewed the matter in full along with the jurisdiction rights of the association, the WHEA board has decided to sanction Ms.Chiara Paoloni from doping violation.

By the WHEA rules, the sanction of a violation containing anabolic substances would normally be up to six (6) years due in WHEA rules the anabolic substances raise the sanction 50% from the normal ban of 4 years.

The board notes Ms Paoloni´s medical explanations, but points out, that Ms Paoloni has failed to conduct a basic check of the packaging and not listed the mentioned medicine in the doping test forms along of forgetting that the athlete is responsible to check the substances she uses.

Due the medical reasons explained by Ms. Paoloni / her lawyer the WHEA board has decided to lower Ms Paoloni´s sanction down to 18 months period, which is also in line with the similar case containing ”Trofodermin” and reviewed by CAS. (…/user…/Media_Release_5015.pdf)).

Ms. Chiara Paoloni has a ban (ineligibility) from the sports to participate any activities (competitions, camps etc) of WHEA/POSA during the 18 months period. The ban ends 13th, April 2023.

Paoloni also loses her 1st place placing in the Italian Pole Sport Championships 2021 due doping violation.

The athlete has the right to appeal about this decision to CAS.

Chiara Paoloni (Italy)