This championship is for amateurs and competitive athletes. The objectives are the gathering of sports friends, as a worldwide family to advance making friends as well as the exchange of information, expertise and experiences within the multi-sport community of POSA and its partners.

Up-to-date Information:POSA Webpage: https://www.posaworld.org
Facebook: Pole Sports & Arts World Federation
Instagram: posaworldfed
Place of Arrival:Tucson, Arizona (USA)
Date of ArrivalSeptember 3, 2022
POSA World Aerial Sports
Atheltics Championship 2022
September 4-5, 2022
Date of DepartureSeptember 6, 2022

Pole Sports & Arts World Federation (POSA)

POSA Official Committee (OC)

  • President Davide LACAGNINA
  • Vice-President Tamas KATUS
  • Vice-President Mariana EICHELBAUM
  • General Secretary Eleonora SOLDANO
  • General Secretary Elisa GOZZI
  • General Secretary Yofre BLANCO
  • Head of Events Sara CAVARA
  • Head of Ethic Cesare BIANCHI
  • Treasurer Franco TINELLI
  • Head of Antidoping Jyrki RANTANEN
  • Head of Pole Art Elena GIBSON

POSA Technical Committee (TC)

  • President Alessandra MARCHETTI
  • Vice-President Natalia GUSEVA
  • Member Vanessa COSTA
  • Member Yana ROMANOVA
  • Member Sara HENRIQUES
  • Member Raquel NARCISO
  • Member-Supervisor Tamàs KATUS

Official POSA Contact Address

Via Pietro Bernasconi 3, CH-6883 Novazzano, Switzerland
Tel.: +41765967337
E-mail: contact@posaworld.org
Web: http://posaworld.org/

Host Federation

United States Pole Sports Federation

President Katrina Wyckoffpresident@usapolesports.org
Vice-President Odette Tanvp@usapolesports.org

Rehearsals Stage

The stage rehearsals will be without music, each athlete will have 1-1:30 minutes to rehearse the
stage, each delegation will be sent the rehearsals program divided by each national delegation.


Official arrival day for Delegations and Accreditation
Transfer to hotels

  • 06:00am to 01:45pm: Athletes’ Accreditation and Stage Training by nations as per schedule. Schedule for stage rehearsal/apparatus testing will be released after registration closes
  • 02:00 pm: Opening Ceremony (Mandatory)
  • 02:15 pm: Qualifications Amateurs & Competitives (all categories)
  • Finalist Announcement Ceremony
  • 09:00am: Finals Amateurs & Competitive (all categories);
  • Medal Awards Ceremony
  • Afterparty

Departure of the partecipants & National Delegation

Competion Hall

Competition Format

1st day

Qualifications all categories Amateurs & Competitive
The top ten in all categories may participate in the finals

2nd day

World Championships all categories Amateurs, Competitive
Para athlete World Championships


The starting order of the competition (qualifications) will be made by the official representatives of POSA after the deadline for athlete applications (August 1) has closed.

If a National Federation reduces the number of participating athletes after the definitive inscriptions, POSA/TC has the right to adjust the starting order to ensure the best possible running of the competition.

POSA World Championships Finals &” Passport Rules”

  • The top ten in each category will qualify for the finals.
  • No more than three (3) athletes per country (same nationality) are admitted to the final. This means that only the first three athletes from the same country will be admitted to the final. In case of more than three athletes from the same nation in the top ten semifinals, the next athletes of different nationalities in the ranking will then be admitted to the final until a total of 10 athletes are reached.
  • In case of a tie at any position at the end of the qualifications see POSA Code of Points.

The list of the finalists, including two reserves, will be handed over to the head of the delegation
after each qualification. Starting order of the final, is made according to the draw of lots by the
official representatives of the POSA.

Access to the Competition Area

  • The competition area is accessible to the members of the various juries, competing athletes and their accredited coaches, to local group leaders, to the auxiliary personnel of the Jury, to the President of the POSA Medical Commission, the official doctor, the team doctors, medical staff and to persons concerned with the apparatus. A team medical person is permitted to accompany the athletes and coaches during all Competitions.
  • Interpreters may not enter the competition area without the permission of the President of POSA/TC.
  • The competition area is strictly forbidden to all other persons.
  • The use of any kind of electronic devices (video, mobile phones, etc.) is strictly forbidden in the competition area. Please note that, according to the decision of the Executive Committee of POSA, if a mobile phone or any other electronic communication device is used in the competition area during the entire competition, the person concerned (athlete and/or coach) will be immediately expelled. The athlete will not be ranked and will not be authorized to participate in the remaining competitions. If this rule is violated by a coach, all his/her athletes will also be expelled.
  • Professional photographing and filming the performances are under written permission by the
    organizing committee

Awards Ceremonies

The ceremonies in the competition venue will take place as mentioned in the time schedule.

Competition Area

The competition area including:
Berger Performing Arts Center
1200 W. Speedway Blvd.
Tucson, Arizona 85745 USA

  • Stage width: 48 feet
  • Stage depth: 28 feet
  • Stage height: 24 feet
  • Floor: Flat black, tongue and groove. Soft wood on hard wood.
  • Seating: 496 installed seats, 6 handicapped seating locations in front and the capability to add 4 additional folding chairs for a total capacity of 500 people.
  • Dressing Room: One dressing/makeup area with stations for 8 people. Two restrooms (with a shower in each) adjoining the green room.
  • Located 12-minute drive from JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa
  • Located 20-minute drive from Tucson International Airport

Scoring & distribution of results

Once the competition has finished, by request, all delegations will be provided with a complete set of results (Difficulty only) by e-mail. However, requests must be sent to the International Federation within one month after the end of the competition, after that date, it will no longer be possible.

List of Difficulty Elements

Athletes must submit their “Difficulty Sheet” (along with music) by August 15, 2022 to https://forms.gle/fDhsWK5dCzAVWvFv8.
As specified in COP 2022, the athlete who changes something in the declaration of the elements, must bring the new Difficulty Sheets printed along with 8 copies directly to the competition.


To limit the technical problems with the music used for the competitions, the Organizing Committee has decided to only accept the athletes’ music in an MP3 format only. All music used during the WORLD AERIAL SPORTS ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 must be submitted online.

Athletes must send their music by August 15th 2022 to https://forms.gle/fDhsWK5dCzAVWvFv8.

Each music file will have to contain the following information:

  • The name of the nation (official abbreviation of the country);
  • The first and last name of the competitor/s;
  • The category;
  • The length of the music;

(Example: ROU_ RADU_Alina_Junior_IW_3min30s_mp3) If you need help, please contact us at: athletechair@usapolesports.org.

In addition, the competitors need to bring their music with them to the venue on the competition days on an USB stick as a backup.

Each Federation must send the National anthem by email (athletechair@usapolesports.org) no
later than August 15, 2022. Please send your National anthem in an MP3 format.

Doping Control

Any doping is prohibited. Anyone found to be doping may be disqualified according to POSA regulations.

Please read POSA Rules & Regulations & POSA – Code of Points

The Jury

Jury A

  • 1 Head Judge fixed by draw
  • 1 difficulty judge fixed by draw
  • 1 difficulty judge fixed by draw
  • 4-5 artistic judges fixed by draw
  • 4-5 execution judges fixed by draw

Jury B

  • 1 Head Judge fixed by draw
  • 1 difficulty judge fixed by draw
  • 1 difficulty judge fixed by draw
  • 4-5 artistic judges fixed by draw
  • 4-5 execution judges fixed by draw

Inquiries procedure

Inquiries for the difficulty scores will be allowed if they are made verbally immediately after the publication of the score or at the very latest before the end of the routine of the following athlete (then 4 minutes). For the last athlete of a rotation (rotation=group of athletes, for example 1st Group of athletes during the competition is called “rotation”), this limit is one minute after the score is shown on the scoreboard.

The person designated to receive the verbal inquiry will have to note the time of receiving it, which will start the procedure. Only the accredited coaches present in the competition area will be entitled to submit an inquiry.

Late verbal inquiries will be rejected.

A federation will not be allowed to complain against an athlete from another federation. The inquiry will have to be confirmed in writing as soon as possible, but at the latest within 4 minutes after the verbal inquiry and will require an agreement of payment of EUR 150—for the first complaint, EUR 300 — for the second complaint and EUR 600— for the third complaint. Should the inquiry not be confirmed in writing within 4 minutes, then the procedure will become obsolete.

Should the inquiry prove correct and be accepted, this sum will be reimbursed. Every inquiry will be examined immediately by the Superior Jury and a final decision, which may not be appealed, will be made very soon, at the very latest:

  • At the end of the rotation for the qualifying competitions, or at the end of all-around competitions.
  • Before the score of the following athlete is shown for the finals.

The detailed procedure is laid down in the respective POSA Code of Points.

Tie breaking rule

  • In case of a tie at any position at the end of a qualification see POSA Code of Points
  • In case of a tie at any position at the end of finals see POSA Code of Points

The Organization of the Event

Berger Performing Arts Center
1200 W. Speedway Blvd.
Tucson, Arizona 85745 USA


The following athletes are eligible to participate in the POSA WORLD AERIAL SPORTS ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP:

  1. The first 3 for Seniors and first 4 for Juniors classified (Amateurs and Competitive) of the 2020, 2021, and 2022 National Championships.
  2. All those automatically admitted by the International Federation (Wild Card Athletes).

Maximum number qualified through the National Championship 2021

Delegation membersSeniorsJuniors AJuniors BJuniors
+40 & +50
Head of Delegation11
Team leader111
Doctor & Masseur/Physio.2
Individual male athlete3443
Individual female athlete3443

Please note: the numbers in the table refer to the athletes qualified by the 2021 National Championship.

For any delegation, it is possible to bring one more athlete per individual category as reserve. This athlete must pay the application fee as any other athlete.
Doubles: In case of injury or renunciation of one of the two qualified Doubles members, it is possible to replace the resigning athlete with a different athlete (all this must be communicated via email to contact@posaworld.org).

POSA wants to give the Doubles athlete who has been left without a partner (but who is qualified
by law), the opportunity to compete in any case.

If this is not possible, the athletes must communicate their renunciation to compete as soon as possible to give way to Doubles number 4 in their national ranking to be able to compete at the World Championships.
If no announcement from the athletes or the National Federation is received within the established deadline, the National Team will no longer have the right to enter any other Doubles in the competition to replace the renouncing Doubles.

Warning: After the substitute athlete’s communication has taken place, Doubles will not be able to make any further changes.

Deadline for all these communications: August 15th 2022

Registration & Accreditation

Athletes must do their registration by July 15 for early registration and latest August 1, 2022 on the website: https://uspsfcompetitions.com/aerialworlds

Registration is

  • $150 per athlete/per routine by July 15
  • $175 per athlete/per routine from July 16-August 1

Accreditation permits the identification of all participants and indicates the access to certain zones. Access to all zones will be controlled. Accreditation card must be visibly worn throughout the whole event. The accreditation card is personal, non-transferable, and necessary to access the training and competition halls, as well as for official transports.

Accreditation will be carried out upon arrival. During the accreditation the athletes and/or the Heads of Delegations will verify the identity of the members of their delegation. To get the accreditation all members of the delegation must have fulfilled all the necessary financial obligations (including insurance). Upon accreditation, the Head of Delegation or their representative will have to bring a copy of the Medical Certificate/Diploma for medical personnel. POSA will collect and record these certificates. Please note that without this document, the accreditation of the medical personnel will NOT be released.

POSA Directives and Technical Regulations will be strictly applied, especially to the number of
persons accredited per nation.

Note on Covid-19

US Covid Entry Requirements: Please check with your airline and the US Embassy for current regulations on entering the US. At the time of this writing all non-US citizens must show proof of vaccination and negative Covid test for entry into the US.

Covid Requirements for entry to the event: All restrictions have been lifted in Arizona for Covid. POSA strongly recommends all athletes be vaccinated however there are no requirements and there is no required testing to enter the event. Mask wearing is optional. Please do not attend the event if you are sick or showing signs of illness.

Training information

The training will start in the training hall and at the competition stage September 4, 2022. Access to the competition hall, the training and the warm-up halls will only be granted to the delegations wearing the accreditation card and only during the times reserved for their nation.

Opening Cerimony

The entire delegation should be present for the Opening Ceremonies.

The Official Opening Ceremony will be at 2 PM, in the Competition Hall. The ceremony will consist of Flags Presentation by nation with the competitors by nation performing a special greeting for the audience. All competitors must wear their national tracksuit.
All delegations must have the National Flag (dimension of 100/200 cm) with them in the Opening Ceremony.

Medical services

The LOC will provide the necessary medical services.

Officila POSA Hotels

The headquarters of the organization and POSA (Judges, staff, technicians, etc.) throughout the event will be the following:

JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa
3800 W. Starr Pass Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85745, US

The rate of $199/night has been negotiated and attendees may book their room at https://book.passkey.com/gt/218512532?gtid=fb7a1b3c70948067f11eca9c57b59e9e.

Discounted rooms will be available until July 29, 2022 and may sell out. There are also many other hotels in the vicinity.


There will be limited shuttle service from the host hotel to the venue during peak times. Other transportation available is Uber/Lyft.


POSA Technical Regulations stipulate that all participating federations or athletes must assume all costs in relation to the medical insurance of all delegation members (illness and accidents). The Local Organizing Committee has the right to verify the validity of the insurance upon arrival of the delegations (policy insurance, original or copy).
Entering the POSA WORLD AERIAL SPORTS ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP without a valid medical insurance for all delegation members will be rejected.


Please check whether you need a visa to enter the United States of America. Athletes should work with their delegation/federation for help on visas. Head of delegations may email president@usapolesports.org for an official invitation to the competition.


POSA WORLD AERIAL SPORTS ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP will take place under the following regulations.

  • The current Codes of Points 2022 and the followings remarks, or documents issued by the POSA/PS TC.
  • The current POSA Rules & Regulations
  • WADA Internationals Regulations.
  • The POSA Antidoping Rules
  • The current POSA General Judges’ Rules (Code of Ethics).

All documents (Difficulty sheets also) can be downloading in the link below: https://www.posaworld.org/documents/download-category/official-documents/

Deadlines Checklists (Competitors)

  • Deadline for all delegations and athlete’s registration is on August 1, 2022
  • Deadline for Difficulty Sheet and music is on August 15, 2022
  • Bring your music on USB-stick as a backup
  • Bring your personal insurance

Deadlines Checklists (National Federations)

  • Deadline for National anthem is on August 15, 2022
  • Bring National flag for your delegation
  • Bring a copy of the Medical Certificate/Diploma for medical personnel to the accreditation center (see further information on chapter 4.5)
  • Each accreditation person (other than competitive athlete) must purchase a coach’s pass. It will be available in the accreditation link.