US Pole Sports Federation (USPSF)

US Pole Sports Federation (USPAF) is the national federation and the US governing body for Pole Sports. It was founded in 2014 and is a non profit 501c3 along with being a non-governmental national organization constituted under US law. The Federation is a member of the Pole Sports & Art World Federation (POSA), one of the international governing bodies for pole sports and the host of the POSA – Pole Sports World Championships and POSA – Pole Art Worlds. The USPSF is a leader in the community and is working towards Pole Sports being recognized globally as a sport and the eventual inclusion into main stream sport events and the Olympic Games. The USPSF has recently received their accreditation from the U.S. Sports Council as the governing body of pole for the US.

The USPSF host three national competitions (Pole Sport, Pole Art America, and Pole Classique) each year. They also currently have 4 regional competitions being added to their roster for the 2018-2019 competition year.

The mission of USPSF is to regulate, administer and develop Pole Sports for the benefit of millions of athletes at every level and age in the USA.

United States
Federation status: Approved