POSA is honored and excited to announce that an a very important agreement has been signed: WAAPA – World Association Air Power Athletics an International Federation of Pole & Aerial, has merged into the POSA World Federation, becoming the largest single major aerial International Federation.
POSA Executive Committee along with the WAAPA organization will begin the process of merging all WAAPA competitions and services into POSA.

What does all this mean?

– The number of national federations of POSA, will more than double
– POSA will begin to represent Aerials Arts in our quest for recognition
– POSA will have its own European, Asian and South American Continental Associations
– POSA Code of Points will be the recognized code for Pole Sports
– POSA National Federations will be able to represent the aerial community in their specific countries

There are many exciting changes that will happen in the coming weeks and we will keep everyone posted as we reach our specific milestones and continue to grow and expand our reach along with valued services.

Unity is strength and POSA believes it is always necessary to raise its standards and collaborations while keeping the level of integrity for all of the athletes who are part of our organization. The results of any organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. Our team is growing and our passion for the community is strong!