It is a way of achieving immortality in Pole Sport: the athlete who has an original skill named after them in the Code of Points assures that his or her name will live on in the sport, years after they have taken their final bows on the international stage.

With the increased technical value of several of the new movements submitted to this federation in recent months, there will be an inevitable downgrading of some values of several elements, in the 2023 Code of Points version, especially in Group C.

Indeed, not only will old movements be further downgraded, but also some of these new movements that had already had a value assigned to them last May during the European Championships in Spain.

The technique grows, we grow with it.

These weeks, the POSA Pole Sport’s Technical Committee approved thirty-six new elements to be named for the athletes who performed them. All were done successfully at Continental Championships or Nationals events in late 2022 and will be published in the Pole-Sport-2023.pdf.

Code of Points – Appendix 2022.09 (6738 downloads)