Due to the increasing submission of new movements, the POSA Technical Committee, has thought
of facilitating all athletes who are due to take part in the Pole Sport World Championship 2023 in a
fortnight’ time, by issuing this new Appendix.
The choice was dictated by our policy, which has always been inclined to help athletes and
coaches in their technical growth, allowing them to be able to try out these new movements even
in the upcoming world competition.
As of today, new movements can obviously be declared as early as the next world competition.
The technique grows, we grow with it.
We received hundreds of new elements, some of which we had to discard, because sometimes
beautiful transitions are mistaken as codable movements, but unfortunately, we could not assign
suitable minimum requirements to place it in the Code of Points, so we apologise to the athletes
who will not find their movement here, you are however all passionate and very good! Keep up
the good work!
On the contrary, there were elements that reached us in the past few days, and we didn’t get
them into this Appendix in time.
In this case, they will be inserted directly into the Code of points 2024.
For the athletes who sent their elements to be submitted to the Pole Sport World Championship
2023: don’t worry if you don’t find your element here, it doesn’t mean that we rejected it, but you
will be informed about the value and the element code, in time to put everything in the difficulty
Warning: This Appendix supersedes and replaces any requirements previously assigned by juries
to movements submitted during national or international competitions