Our International Federation is very saddened and concerned about the situation in Ukraine.

Since the first day of the war, we are in daily contact with Ukrainian athletes and with our Ukrainian Federation, and in this regard, we are establishing in collaboration with the Polish Federation and several Italian volunteers, an Humanitarian Aid for Ukrainian athletes who want to reach both Italy and Poland, we are providing apartments for refugee athletes and we are activating an aid fund.

During its meeting yesterday, the Executive Committee of POSA, expressed its concern following the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and decided on the following measures:

  • The Russian and Belarussian national flags must not be displayed, and the Russian and Belarussian anthems must not be played at any POSA-sanctioned events until further notice (European Pole Sport Championship 2022, Aerial World Championship 2022, and all the Pole Arts connect to POSA).
  • According with the President of POSA Russian federation also, the Aerial World Championship 2022 planned to take place in Russia on the 10th of May is cancelled.

We are considering organizing it in another country and in a different month, and we are waiting for confirmation from Norway and/or the USA.
We will keep you updated as soon as possible.

Our thoughts go to the members of the Pole community in Ukraine. Sport is friendship and solidarity. We must show solidarity with the members of our family who are in despair and offer them a helping hand to ensure their future.

Sport is unity and solidarity.

Please read below the official statement of International Olympic Committee

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