European Pole Sport Championship 2022

The stage reharsals follow this order:

  • 2.00pm: Finland
  • 2.30pm: Greece & Poland
  • 3.20pm: Hungary
  • 4.00pm: Italy & Ukraine
  • 5.10pm: France
  • 5.45pm: Israel
  • 6.15pm: Spain & Portugal

The Sports Hall will close at 8:30 pm.
We remind you that on Saturday, April 30, there will be an opening ceremony beginning at 10:30 am.
The opening ceremony with the Parade of Nations is mandatory.
At least 1 athlete per nation must take part in it, failure to participate in it without a justified reason, will be penalized at the competition for the entire team.
Please remember to bring the flag of your nation with you.

You can find the allowed sizes in the Workplan you received.