POSA World Federation is announcing that there is a change of venue for our POSA – Pole Sport World Championship 2017, which will be organized in Europe, Instead of the USA as previously announced.
Unfortunately, after consulting the US Pole Sports Federation and many of our athletes we have found that it is in the best interest of all parties to change the location.

The date will remain unchanged. The event will still take place on December 16th-17th, 2017.

Unfortunate circumstances with the political climate in the USA and the new presidency has now escalated. Our first concern was the new restrictions on travel in and out of the USA made by the President Trump. There are travel bans for specific countries that have been implemented (which were just upheld by the US Courts). The new Visa regulations would also make it impossible for some athletes to be granted access to the USA. We also took into account the financial expense to the athletes and that of the local US Federation, which would be immense. This would prevent some athletes from participating in Worlds. Our first priority is the athletes and making the world competition accessible to all so it is with great regret that we need to move the championships back to Europe and we hope that in the future the world championships can be held in the USA. The US Federation will keep us posted for future changes in the travel policies.

POSA- Pole Sport World Championship 2017, will now be held in the Principality of Liechtenstein. We will have all of the details available shortly so that all travel and registration for the event can be completed.