Our new much improved website is finally open! And with it comes some pretty exiting new features! Check out the new event calendar and list of all national federations.

We would like to invite all of our athletes, committee members, judges and other involved personnel to sign up to the new website! 


Why register?

  • From 2018 all athletes are required to sign in anti-doping contract and purchase athlete licence. These are only available for athletes registered to posaworld.org. More information about the anti-doping procedure and licence fees.
  • Only registered judges are listed in the certificated judges list.
  • You will be added to the national federations and committees email list and will always get the important announcements straight to your inbox.
  • Show unity! Official organizations like IOC (International Olympic Committee) and possible sponsors observe and evaluate POSA in many ways. One of factors in decision making is often the number of members and member associations. By joining you will help us prove that pole sport and art are worthy of their support!
  • There will be more! We are planning even more features, that will help all involved athletes, national federations, committee members etc. Be part of the evolution of pole dance, be part of POSA.

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